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8 Secrets to Success

Have you wondered how Steve Jobs became so successful in selling you the latest Apple™ creations? Or how Bill Gates turn out to be the richest man living? Or how did Barrack Obama become the first black president of United States of America? So how did they exactly do it?

Why do people succeed? Is it because they are smart? Or are they just lucky? Well actually, it is neither if you ask Richard St. John.


Richard St. John is the man that you see in the picture above, and beside him; is what he believes to be the 8 traits that leads one to great success. I will leave it to Richard, to explain to you what these 8 traits are all about, in the video that you are about to see.

Success does not just end here with these 8 traits. In the next video, I have learnt from Richard once again that success is not a one way street. Instead, it is a constant journey. Enjoy the next video.

And with that, I would like to take this chance and say, “Don’t give up once you have failed in something or when you did not attain the desirable result. Push though your fears, take action, and start moving towards the goal. And it’s never easy. Sure, at first we feel great. It’s like those first few days on vacation when we’re going down a different road and it’s new and exciting. But then the car breaks down, or we hit a dead-end, and the fears start to win again: “Why am I doing this? I could just stop! This is too much work!” And rest assured, those fears will always return. It’s not easy to continually make the effort to push through and keep going, but it’s the only way to reach the dream, and it’s always worth it in the end.” Keep pushing on. Thank you.


October 12, 2009 - Posted by | DETERMINATION

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